Interested in having lessons with Gillian or James?


Gillian teaches private flute and piano lessons, using the KinderFlute, Blocki Flute, and WonderKeys methods. She is known throughout the community as an innovative teacher, employing games, movement and a variety of activities to impart knowledge and skills on her students. James is actively growing his music studio and has several years experience teaching flute in both one-on-one and group situations.

Our students have achieved high marks at RCM Practical Examinations of all levels, have won the Kiwanis Music Festival Rose Bowl (Clarenville, 2018), and been accepted to University Schools of Music across Canada and with thousands of dollars in entrance scholarships.

30-, 45-, and 60- minute flute lessons are available for flutists of all ages and abilities. We are happy to work on piccolo playing, or help with your school band music! Whatever your goals are, we want to support you!

30- minute lessons are available for beginner and intermediate pianists.


Dr. Gillian Sheppard is a dynamic performer and experienced teacher. Gillian’s teaching style is creative and energetic, focused on meeting students wherever they are on their musical journey, and finding fun ways to achieve each player’s goals. Gillian has a Doctorate of Musical Arts from the University of Toronto.

James Paluk holds a Masters degree in Flute Pedagogy from MUN. A positive and dynamic teacher, James believes in making a relaxed, entertaining, and welcoming learning environment. He encourages student-led lessons and strives to build independent learners who are confident in their work and themselves.

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